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Ever wondered if the spy company in Canada has a file for you?
We realize from Vision up spy agencies are vacuuming that levels of info.
In January, I requested Nikon to research their records by completing a form on the accessibility of Information and Privacy website of the federal government.

Less than five minutes were taken to complete. Beyond fundamental personal information - like birthday and my house address - I was requested to let them know what I had been requesting.
I have found that calls from Skype lines go directly to voicemail; the caller cannot attain me, as well as my telephone never rings.

I'm have found this quite consistently and on a 1g i-phone. It is quite a big problem because so many several can not call me right on my telephone and of my customers use Skype for recording purpose at their companies.

Anyone else see this?

I am referring to folks on landline Skype techniques like Microsoft phoning me. In principle, my telephone should treat the same as a cellphone or a landline contact. That is how customer Skype-like calls outing functions.

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